Sunday, 30 March 2014

When You Wake Up In Hell

I fancy myself the equivalent of an apprentice to the cousin of a drop out from the poetry academy. So this here is my thoughts on the first few seconds of hell.
It is a painful picture but for a moment close your eyes and picture with me the moment when you will wake up in hell
Now I hope and pray you won't be one of those but I know some of you in here will
So back to the picture. That first moment when you open your eyes in hell
What will hit you first even as you open your eyes are not the screams all around
Or the help nowhere to be found, not the pain and anguish you feel
But the absence of a presence you once knew to be so... so real
You took it for granted and never noticed it
But because of that absence hell is what it is
That presence that brought you comfort on earth, knowing you were in the hands of the creator
Now gone because all you can feel are the pangs of the tormentor
That presence you now realized was the "X-Factor"
The presence you ignored not knowing that he was the provider
For hell is the only place God is absent, for hells biggest punishment is that God is absent
A place where the torture of the devil for all eternity will not relent
Many think that is the biggest most worrying problem but the truth is the biggest is the absence of the ever present God
So what will you do? What can you do? Nothing!
You chose that life, you chose darkness over light because you wanted to only please you
You thought "that life is boring". As though the joy in your friends’ lives did not correct you
But still you went on chasing sin, doing nothing else but allowing the devil to get more comfortable within
Following the path so wide not knowing that that same path between you and God would be the divide
How foolish you were, how foolish you are. You think the only ones who sell their souls are those who are part of some secret organization
Till failing to gain the whole world and losing your soul becomes your painful realization
But this is me drifting
You in your sinful nature try to be God, He is the one who upholds you without effort or notice
Yet it is you who wants to pretend his presence you do not notice
The heavens declare the glory of the lord do you not see
Will you not just sit back in awe and wonder as his grace sets you free
No! You would rather chase what cannot be caught
How dumb are you to think what men have been searching for in ages past you will be the first to find
This life cannot and will not satisfy!
I have seen poor Christians happier than the celebrities we try to emulate
And yet we do not seem to ask ourselves why the poor Christian is content and the celebrity can't even keep a skin color shade
So today sit back and feel the presence, Ask God why for all your rebelling you are still alive, maybe not well but alive
When you realize that is all for grace don't stand and shout, fall and weep

After that you will experience Joy even in your sleep and maybe even avoid that one dreadful moment when YOU WAKE UP IN HELL!

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