Friday, 13 February 2015

The Red Bus

Feels like I have been standing here for ages
Looking up the road for the red blob with the light on its forehead
It should be here by now, shouldn’t it?
I have better things to do than sit and wait, I think
In reality I don’t, I am here because I have to be
Maybe I missed it, maybe I should have come here five minutes earlier
Now I have to come back after two hours
After all it’s the holidays
Before the depression sets in I catch a glint of red in the corner of me eye
Here it comes, the bus, and I am buzzing
Can you get here faster, I have been waiting for ages
Oh my goodness! How are there so many people trying to get to campus
Can’t you guys get a cab or something?
I squeeze myself in past people who have no intention of moving aside
Work my way to the unoccupied part of the bus and sit on the step at the back
After all there are no seats and I’m not particular
The guys behind me laugh, seems sitting on the step is not common
I don’t mind, I’m not particular
There is a girl further up sneaking glances at me sitting there
Must be shocked I’m sitting on a step
Or maybe it’s the Afro, I do have a pretty good afro
And would you talk to the person next to you!
There is always that one guy in the bus who is pointlessly loud
Dude your story is private, I don’t want to know why your female is leaving you
Looks like a seat to my left is freeing up
The girl who was stealing the glances looks like she wants to snatch the seat before me
I let her take it, I’m not particular
Two stops down the seat next to her frees up, this will be awkward
I take the window seat and pretend my earphones are sending music to my ears
My phone battery died a while back but I don’t mind, I’m not particular
I put my right foot on the seat and look out the window
Looks like winter is almost over, the green is returning
I see a sea of green with an overlay of small yellow flowers
I’ve always liked the site of the green and yellow
It’s like a sea of nature, which waves as the wind blows
Wave upon wave upon wave of green and yellow, I barely even notice the buildings in the backdrop
I’m lost in the moment fascinated by the sight then the guy who can’t whisper takes it up a notch
I clench my fists and grit my teeth, five minutes to campus
I look around, there is that one guy who always get seconds in the cafeteria
And the girl who is never away from her boyfriend
I wonder where her boyfriend is, I can’t see him
To be honest I don’t care, I’m not particular. Second last stop before campus
The bus is a lot less packed, one or two people left standing
I can see the relief on the bus driver’s face, his shift must be ending
There is some level of silence, turns out loud guy got out
I smile
The bus reaches campus and people stand to get to the door before the bus stops
No idea why they do that
I drum my fingers on my right leg dreading the two minute walk to my room and the flight of stairs
People begin to file out, I just sit there
A few glances at me from people, I see no reason to rush for the door
Last person files out and I get up to walk out
I nod in the direction of the driver as a courtesy, he ignores me

I don’t mind, I’m not particular


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  2. You are not particular, alright! You just wrote a poem about it. ;) lol

    The poem reverberates with familiarity, and it got me chuckling more than once. Nice piece.

    1. Thank you very much. I was on the bus the other day and the idea for it hit me, I just had to go through with it