Thursday, 12 March 2015

Have a Little Walk With Me

I always planned on giving you, my one reader, a little walk through North Cyprus but I either never had the opportunity to or forgot, lets work with I never had the opportunity to. This same week I had the time and the chance to walk through a large part of North Cyprus for a school project. We are making a model of The Walled City of Nicosia, which is quite something and so as we walked through trying to figure out the heights of the buildings I decided to carry you along with me. Hope you enjoy it

All good trips begin with a Durum, which at its worst is just a wrap. There's
this nice place as you enter the Kyrenia Gate that has some awesome
Durums. The guy in the pic is my group partner Auwal Saidu Awak

I'm sure you might have asked what the Kyrenia Gate is, well that's it,
or a part of it, there is a little bookshop in there but I fear
walking in, it looks like one of the places you can't leave of your free will

Walking through Lefkoşa and not seeing a betting house is like
walking through the desert and not seeing dirt, so naturally
my little walk through would not be possible without one

And that is the walled city of Nicosia, Auwal and I walked through quite a lot of
that bad boy, it was tiring but I did it for you, my one reader, I did it for you

I took this picture from the entrance to a historical Turkish Bath, which
would not be as entertaining as the beauty opposite it.Seriously,
look at that, how is that not nice?!

Zambia has stray dogs, North Cyprus has stray cats. They are everywhere!
Literally, okay not literally. The walk through would not be complete without
a shot of one or two, in this case three

Flats, clothes on the balcony, satellite dishes in excess?!
Aside from the paving and the lack of people I thought I
had walked into Kabwata, Zambia

Want to know that you are walking through Lefkoşa, narrow streets, raw
atmosphere, old buildings that seem 
abandoned, some are not,
it's ridiculous. Oh yeah and wooden louvers, it's a climate thing

This was the only way to get both me and Auwal in the same picture
so there you go. There's a shop to my left that was almost a broom closet yet
the shop owner was selling ginormous TV's

Another feature of the walled city is the combination of old and new. You can
see a new Mercedez parked in front of what would look like ruins opposite
a decent office that's next to an abandoned building

This is the Arabahmet Cultural Center. It's a little further into the walled
city than most people go so you are welcome. There are quite a few museums and
cultural centers in the walled city, wish I could show you all of them

I like this street, no two ways about it. it's the kind of street I would enjoy living
along. At the end of the street is the beginning of the buffer zone
which is the boundary between North and South Cyprus

Auwal is leaning on the wall part of The Walled City of Nicosia, it's no
great wall of China but as you saw from the map it's quite something in it's own
right. To the left of his head is the Spade head that you can see from the map

Back to life and living. The tour is gone and The Big Red Bus is come,
 time to go back. Hope you enjoyed the trip